White human with curly light brown hair looking into the camera

Being an autistic ADHD human means I am best friends with hyperfixation. I fall in and out of love with hobbies as the dopamine waxes and wanes. My passions and hyperfixations are born out of dopamine. I contribute what I call my "MacGyver gene" to my neurodivergent brain. When I have an idea for a project my brain works 100mph connecting pieces together. It's like opening a computer and doing a search of the database. It's one of my favorite things about my brain!

My Cats

From a very young age we always had at least one cat in our family when I was growing up. My love for cats exploded on a deeper level when my spouse, child, and I adopted Luna and Nebula in 2022. They joined our senior Charlie who, as of this writing, is 13 years old. To round out the bunch is Vega who we just recently adopted in the fall of 2022! These four cats bring us so much love and joy.

String of photos hanging on clothesline. Each photo is of a different cat.
Left photo of child Heidi holding orange cat. Right photo of adult Heidi holding black cat.