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Wand Cat Toy Storage Idea

The tangled strings of wand cat toys can be a frustrating mess. This budget-friendly storage idea is going to change your life.
Multicolor feather teaser and bell cat toy attached to a string

With four cats comes a wide variety of cat toys, but nothing takes the cake like a wand cat toy and teaser. The cat wand provides the ultimate interactive hunt-catch-kill-eat experience for an indoor cat and a way to bond with your cat. My wand cat toy collection has grown over the last few months and each of my cats has a favorite.

The only downside to having an expansive wand cat toy collection is that storing them can be a pain! Two of the wands I have collapse down for compact storage but the rest do not. The inevitable tangled strings and cat wand attachments is enough to make me want to toss the wands and teasers out the door in frustration (I'd never - my cats would never forgive me).

Adorable gray and white tabby cat sitting next to an assortment of wand cat toys

I've experimented with different ways to store the wands and teasers, like putting them upright in paper towel tubes in the hanging organizer I use to organize the pet stuff. Unfortunately they'd fall over, get in my way, and just proved to be more of a nuisance.

The other day I was brainstorming possible solutions and was thinking about what other objects resemble a wand cat toy and already has an existing storage solution. It hit me: a fishing rod rack. The idea might have come to me sooner if I fished, but the only thing I fish are cats - with wands and teasers.

A red box that contains a vertical rod rack for fishing rods

I jumped online and within a few minutes I had found a budget-friendly fishing rod rack that looked to fit my needs. It arrived a few days later and I immediately installed it in what I call the "pet closet". The moment of truth. Would this contraption hold the wand cat toys, or was I doomed to an existence of untangling strings while impatient cats waited for me to play?

An assortment of wand cat toys organized in a fishing rod rack

I stepped back and marveled at my organized collection of wand cat toys. The foam in the top part of the rack holds the wands and teasers perfectly in place, and I can tuck the strings into the foam so they don't get any wild ideas of tangling with their neighbors. The bottom part of the rack serves as a spot to rest the attachments that are long enough to reach.

An assortment of wand cat toys in a fishing rod rack

This. Makes. Me. So. Happy. All of the wands and teasers in one place, organized, and incapable of mingling with one another. I hope that this budget-friendly storage idea helps other cat lovers drowning in tangled strings!